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you know what i hate?

2009-07-15 20:36:52 by ConnieB

people who come onto a song you made and vote or even go as far as to download the damn thing WITH OUT LEAVING A FREAKING COMMENT!!!!! >:E ANGRY IS ME!!!!!! i write in my description that i need comments to know whether or not to add something like lyrics or another instrument..and what do i get? NOTHING, NADA, NONE, ZILCH, ZIPPO, KEINE, NJET, KANENA! MANY LANGUAGES OF ANGER!!!


2009-02-09 20:45:22 by ConnieB

so, um...i dont know if anyone even reads these things, but well, i play guitar and bass, and can sing ok i guess, but i have no way of getting good drums since my keyboard only has like 2 rock presets and they suck, so any REAL drummer that wants to start a collab w/ me, please hit me up, i like pretty much anything thats not "urban" no offense, but theres no guitar in it...:P

P.s. if you can write good lyrics, i may be able to sing them >.<