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Entry #2

you know what i hate?

2009-07-15 20:36:52 by ConnieB

people who come onto a song you made and vote or even go as far as to download the damn thing WITH OUT LEAVING A FREAKING COMMENT!!!!! >:E ANGRY IS ME!!!!!! i write in my description that i need comments to know whether or not to add something like lyrics or another instrument..and what do i get? NOTHING, NADA, NONE, ZILCH, ZIPPO, KEINE, NJET, KANENA! MANY LANGUAGES OF ANGER!!!


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2009-07-15 22:37:13

Do it for the fans. If you dont like it! Then just stop! Not everyne is considerate! And they like it when people respond. I kn I do!

ConnieB responds:

but how do i even know i have fans if no one is commenting? they may all just hate me! lol...ah well


2009-07-17 01:32:40

It will tell you! So i guess that means you dont:P
Its okay, I only hav two fans, one is just a fan of me^.^


2009-08-27 00:20:39

You are so freaking right on so many languaged levels ConnieB....and again..thank you for you review and score of Hit the Ground is hard doing a collab with or for someone when a song is almost one sided...a good guitar riff...but not much to work with when trying to create normal steps in a song....but I think I was able to pull it off....Again thanks...Peace EMUZIN : )


2010-05-26 12:15:28

look, I've being listening your material lastly and have to say that, if I where you, I would record more songs like your "Desperadp CB". You know, acoustic, melodic. You are very good at guitar picking so you don't really need to use FX, in fact your FX aren't good at all (no offence).
If you want me to check the response as soon as you write it you should write a comment on my userpage.